Are all these camera’s on mobile phones necessary?

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As we all know that the numbers of cameras are increasing day by day on smartphones but do we need those extra cameras?

Mobile phones nowadays have a lot of cameras on it. Dual cameras were first introduced by Samsung in 2007, but it didn’t gain much attention. Until 2016 when LG launched LG G5 with dual cameras after which dual cameras came to trend.

Generally, the dual camera gives you access to features that were only available on high-end DSLR’s. The bokeh effects that were only available on the DSLR’s. But what decides the quality of the images is not the cameras that are the sensors used in the camera. Sensors give the images their quality.


Almost every new phone being launched have dual cameras in it. The two cameras have their specific use, one camera is used for clicking image and the other is used for Depth Sensing. Depth sensing is used for getting images as DSLR, which is also known as the Bokeh effect.


The Telephoto lens is used to get an optical zoom in the camera. Although we can get optical zoom from the normal lens the images lose its quality, Images from the telephoto lens don’t lose its quality and sharpness.


Ultra wide-angle lenses give the camera covers a wide range from the same perspective. it covers a wide area in which a normal lens from the same distance can’t cover. it is usually used to cover groups or wide landscapes.


Monochrome lenses are being seen in upcoming mobile phones. Usually, cameras have RGB sensors that capture colored images, but now the phones are coming with monochrome cameras which will make the monochrome pictures more detailed.

Just make sure to check the camera sensors and specifications.


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